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CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail
CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail

If you are tired of where your life is at and you are ready to create fast and permanent change. Where you can move forward beyond yourself and feel as though you are stepping into the light again after feeling lost and trapped by the heavier aspect of your life. Where you can be free of everything that is weighing you down and holding you back. Where you can find yourself again.

Then this Transformational package is for you.

It is a combination of Modalities that are put together in just the right order to create immediate and lasting change. That targets the root cause of issues where they were created. Together we discover, release and heal what and where these programs are created on all levels, mind, body and spirit and as we have removed the programming from its creation, you no longer run this program or experience these feeling.

This therapy successfully removes

* All Fears and Phobias

* Overcome Issues

* Negative Emotions and Negative Beliefs

* Removes any and all Emotional Drivers behind     Anxiety and Depression

* Pain and Illness

* Insecurities, Feeling not good Enough

* Addiction

* Feeling Stuck and Uncertain

* Limiting Beliefs

*Anger, Frustration, Resentment

Plus Much More

This Transformational Package includes but is not limited to Neuro-Linguistic Programming,Hypnosis, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique. They are combined perfectly to give you your greatest change.

Imagine being Happy, Healthy and Completely Free.

You will notice the results immediately!

This 2-3 hour process will change your life forever....

CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail & Virtual Gastric Sleeve
CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail and Virtual Gastric Sleeve

Are you unhappy with how you look and feel about yourself?

Have you tried one Diet after another only to still be where you started or possibly even bigger or unhappier?

Has your Health or Lifestyle Restrictions gotten to the point where losing weight has become Crucial?

Whether you want to lose 4 or 40 plus Kilos this process is for you....

The CTC and Virtual Gastric Sleeve uses the power of your mind through Hypnosis to not only Recognise, Release and Heal any and all Emotional Drivers behind your weight gain but you also virtually experience Gastric Sleeve Surgery.


This Process is about you and is designed for you...

* THIS IS NOT A DIET, so you will not feel as though you are denying yourself anything

* It curbs cravings

* Heals the emotional issues behind your eating and drinking habits

* Ensures you stop eating when you are no longer hungry rather than when you are full

* Reprograms your brain to feel full sooner

* Helps you to enjoy the times between meals

* Reprograms your brain to choose healthier options

* Changes how you see yourself and life

* Increases your metabolism

* Reduces the level of your hunger hormones by 50% - 65%

* Makes you FEEL Happier, Healthier, more Motivated and with a lot more Energy

CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail & Personal or Business Coaching
CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail & Personal or Business Coaching

If you are looking for more in life, whether its greater Abundance and Success, more Wealth or even a greater sense of Accomplishment and Purpose then this Package is for you...

This 5 Week Package starts with your CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail (more fondly known as Cut the Crap). To remove any and all Emotional and Mental Blocks towards Growth, Abundance and Success, whether they are Fears or Phobias, Limiting Beliefs, Anxiety, Depression or any Past Issue that you may have. These underlying issues can create a lack of Motivation, Discipline or Determination and this Transformational process Clears and Removes all underlying programming that is Blocking your Success.

This Coaching Package is designed personally for you. It Targets your Personal and Business Goals. Including Manifesting, Alignment Training, Creating Healthy Habits, Organisational Skills, Creating Positive Mental and Emotional Skills, Strategies, Build Motivation, Discipline and Determination plus much more....

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a process that only takes minutes to get Great Results!

Our Happiness and our Health are directly related to our Emotional Health. Do you want to be Happier, Healthier and Feel more in Control of your Life? Would you Love to be more Confident and able to do those things that you never could before?

If so then this process is for you!

It consists of Tapping on a series of Meridians in a particular sequence removing negative disruptions from our Energy System that we created by what's called a Polarity Reversal. Any Physical, Mental or Emotional Trauma that creates a reaction within us causes this Polarity Reversal.

During this procedure you will be asked to move your eyes in certain directions, which creates new Neurological Pathways (rewiring the brain). Removing those old Limiting and Debilitating Belief Systems, Freeing you and Allowing you a Life that you Love and have been Searching for.


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, that exists within everything.

This Energy is what Scientists have named String Theory.

It is that thread of Light that exists within every Cell of Everything, Living and Non-Living.

The Usui System of Reiki uses this Energy to increase our bodies Life Force Energy so that it can Heal and Function at an Optimal State.

A Reiki Treatment supports the entire person, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. Increasing the bodies ability to Heal both the Cause as well as the Physical Condition. Emotionally and Mentally this process allows the Body and Mind to reach a Deep Level of Relaxation, Releasing Tension and Angst, allowing us to find a Deep sense of Letting Go and Feeling a greater sense of Peace and Wellbeing.

After your Reiki Session you will Feel as though you have your Energy Back and can Function more Clearly.

EFT & Reiki Healing
EFT & Reiki Healing

This process combines all the Benefits of EFT while Anchoring in the New Belief Systems with Reiki.

This Combined Process leaves you Feeling like a Completely new person.

Life Purpose Readings

I have been a card reader and intuit for the past 20 years. I specialise in helping people to fulfil their life purpose. I have a natural ability to see beyond the Illusion to the Truth of every situation, helping people to see clearly what is blocking their success, not only in their personal life but in their business and life purpose as well.

I have had a clear and open connection with the spirit world all of my life.

My guides offer very accurate and precise information.

If you are ready to step fully into everything your life has to offer you then this reading is for you.

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