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About Tania Ham

I am a Transformational Specialist that is highly intuitive and blessed with a natural ability to see beyond the Illusion to the Truth of almost any situation.

As a child and young adult, without ever understanding what was happening, I always knew without a doubt what the right choices were in any given situation and blessed with an incredible ability to always know when danger was around, and knew the best way to remove myself from the situation and keep myself and those around me safe.

I have always been able to manifest anything that my heart desires. Even to the extent where people often comment that I always manage to have such a blessed life and that I always seem to be able to attract exactly what I'm looking for, whether its the perfect job for me or even a piece of furniture that I've described but nobody has ever seen available.

As comfortable  as these abilities were there was also a level of fear that I always carried with me and at times consumed me. Living a life that seemed to be so different from anyone else's experiences and always feeling as though I never quite fit in.

All my life I have always known that there is more to our existence than what presents itself in our physical lives.

These skills have always been such a natural ability that I never even knew I was doing it or that it was an actual skill or ability until much later in life.

My life has always been touched by the unexplainable... until more recently where science is now able to explain the power of our brains and how to use it in a way that creates not only the life we want but also the life that fulfils not only our hearts desires but our purpose and destiny.

Nothing fulfils us more then when our life feels on track and productive...When we feel as though we are making a difference, not only to ourselves but also to the people around us and who's lives we touch.

This path and journey has taken me to a place of great understanding, an understanding of myself and how this process works. A place where I no longer feel the fear or that I don't fit in. A place where I feel so much a part of my world that I have attracted to me like minded people that resonate not only with me as a person but who also resonate with where my life is headed and my purpose. People where we help each other to be the best versions of ourselves....

This is life's journey. Why we are here, and if you're ready to live this life and walk this journey, I am ready to help you find your way.....


Specialising in helping you to move beyond what is holding you back into a life that is bigger and better than you could ever have imagined!

PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you are dealing with any form of anxiety or  Fear, regardless of whether it is something that is mildly annoying to something that is all consuming and controls your life. I can help you!

My techniques remove anxiety from its root cause. Freeing you to live a life full of happiness and freedom again.

If you are suffering from depression and everything feels hopeless please know that you are not alone and you are most definitely not trapped living this type of life forever.

CTC offers you the chance to free yourself of what is weighing you down and opens you up to live a life thats extraordinary.

If you suffer from PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Where you are reliving past traumatic situations, CTC is your solution.

This process will free you of this debilitating condition by removing the polarity reversal that was created in your system when you experienced the trauma. Reprogramming the brain, creating new neurological pathways which create new reactions to life's experiences.

Overcoming Trauma
Fears & Phobias

Regardless of whether your trauma is physical, mental or emotional or how it was created. We can release you of the constant burden of re-experiencing that trauma over and over again.

Regardless of how extreme or how minor you feel it is affecting your life, we can release you of any and all emotional attachment as well as remove the triggers that continue to bring it to the surface.  

In life we can experience some incredibly strong and debilitating fears and phobias. We don't always know where these fears originate from, nor do we ever see a way of moving beyond them.

I am able to remove these fears and phobias completely, freeing you to live a life that is bigger and better than you have ever imagined.

Weight Loss

Any kind of weight related issue can be very overwhelming and damaging not only to your physical health, but your emotional health as well.

All weight related issues have underlying emotional issues and programming behind them.

CTC and the Virtual Gastric Sleeve is an exceptionally effective method which removes and heals any and all emotional issues behind your weight gain. Allowing you to easily and effectively lose weight in a way that you do not ever have to diet or feel as though you are denying yourself anything.

Removing Mental & Emotional Blocks

In life we all experience a time where we feel regardless of what we do nothing changes  and for one reason or another we just never seem to succeed. We watch other people who seem to have an amazing life where they have great success and abundance and everything just seems to always work out for them.

By removing our own Mental and Emotional blocks or what we also call our invisible ceiling and open ourselves up to creating and receiving this success and abundance.

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