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I have had the privilege of working with Tania Ham for nearly 10 years.

I first sought Tania's help to overcome severe panic attacks and anxiety related issues. I have not taken medication for these issues since.

I have recently been through the CTC process and have found it to be a truly life changing experience.

With Tania's guidance I have gone from working for employers to working for myself running my own business.

I don't make a major decision be it in business or life in general without first seeking Tania's guidance.

David G

At 19 I began to suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and fear. At 30 I met Tania Ham, she had the amazing ability to pinpoint the triggers and to also see the truth in what each of my symptoms were trying to tell me.

After years of searching for help I was relieved to finally find someone who could truly help without offering medications as a band aid.

The results were instant and now I live a life of freedom.

That was almost 10 years ago now! 

Tania is now my mentor and I live a successful fulfilling life thanks to her guidance and her passion for helping people.

Alana J

I have been fortunate to have Tania in my life for many years. Under the professional guidance of Tania I have achieved amazing results from Reiki, Meditation and most recently CTC Therapy. My physical, mental and emotional health has never been stronger, and I have been able to identify and move forward from childhood issues that have dragged me down for 50 years! 

Her overarching approach to wellness is second to none, encompassing a variety of techniques and approaches suited to each individuals needs and requirements.

Thank you Tania for providing me with tools to allow me to live my life to the fullest.

Leanne R

Tania Ham has been a very positive influence in my life. Tania has helped me overcome many obstacles and has provided me with daily tools to continue moving forward.

I have personally been seeing Tania for 8 years attending regular meditation classes, Energy Healing Sessions, EFT, CTC and recently the CTC and Virtual Gastric Sleeve Program. I have walked away from every experience a better version of myself.

I highly recommend Tania Ham.

Jody G

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